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Technical Theatre: Lighting, Sound and Stage - Level 3

This route to employment has been designed to provide you with a work-based entry route for a career in technical theatre and the performing arts. 

The programme has been divided into three pathways, focusing on lighting, sound and stagecraft. The lighting pathway will enable you to gain the skills to work in a range of roles including Senior Lighting Electrician or Lighting Maintenance Supervisor, whereas the sound pathway will qualify you to work as a Senior Sound Technician. The stage pathway can lead to jobs such as Senior Stage Technician or Head Flyman.

Route Detail Unit Information Entry Requirements Future Careers Fees/Funding


In this work-based entry route, you will develop the necessary skills to perform a wide range of careers within technical theatre and the performing arts sectors.



While, there are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, you are encouraged to have an interest in working in a backstage role and be able to work effectively in a team.

You should also be aware that you would be expected to work shifts, handle heavy equipment and work in cramped conditions – often at great height. 

Potential Future

Lighting Technician

A Lighting Technician works with the Lighting Designer and the Director to plan and facilitate the lighting requirements for a live performance or event. If necessary they will source any special lighting equipment for a show.

Senior Lighting Electrician / Deputy Head of Lighting

A Senior Lighting Electrician is responsible for installing and maintaining lighting equipment for live performances. 

Board/Console Operator

Working with the Lighting and Sound Designers, a Console Operator is responsible for programming and operating the audio and lighting consoles during a live performance.

Lighting Maintenance Technician/Manager

A Lighting Maintenance Technician is responsible for the construction and maintenance of lighting within a venue. They will also take on responsibilities for managing the Lighting Maintenance Team.

Senior Sound Technician

The Senior Sound Technician works with the Sound Designer and the Director to plan and facilitate the audio requirements for a live performance or event. If necessary they will source any special audio equipment for a show.

Senior Stage Technician

A Senior Stage Technician is responsible for sourcing materials and equipment for productions, as well as supervising the installation and dismantling of equipment and overseeing the safe operation of special equipment during rehearsals and performances.   

Head Flyman

The Head Flyman is responsible for preparing and operating the flying and lifting equipment for live performances.

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