The National College Board of Governors meetings six times a year.  It operates a number of Committees, including Finance, Audit, Quality and Standards, Remuneration and Search.  

Details of meeting dates and committee membership can be found here.

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  1. Audit Committee

    The Audit Committee is a mandatory Committee of a Further Education Corporation.  Its role is to provide the Board of Governors with assurance about the effectiveness of the College's systems of internal control, risk management and corporate governors

  2. Search Committee

    The role of the Search Committee is to recruit new governors to the Board, to ensure a range and diversity of skills and backgrounds.

  3. Standards Committee

    The purpose of the Standards Committee is to provide oversight and scrutiny of the curriculum, quality and learner experience at the National College.  The Standards Committee also oversees Safeguarding and Equality and Diversity within the College.

  4. Finance Committee

    The Finance Committee meets every 6 weeks to monitor and scrutinise the College's financial performance and the use of College resources.  The Committee also plays a key role in financial planning and budgeting.