Live Events & Promotion - Intermediate

Technical Production

Event management is a fast-paced, exciting and diverse industry ranging from weddings and music gigs to exhibitions and sporting events. Roles include booking agents assistant, event and promotion staff or venue and stage crew support.

Route Detail

You will gain a broad range of skills in all aspects of putting on an event. This will involve taking on administration and support of roles such as stage/venue crew support, event booking support and booking agent assistants. The events you could work on will range from indoor and outdoor events to one-off events or tours, and even small and large-scale productions. 

Entry Requirements

While there are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, you should have a keen interest in working in live events. Applicants must be able to work effectively in a team and be prepared for both shift work and travel. Prior experience is not necessary, but it is useful and should be supported by a portfolio of evidence.

Potential Future Careers

Venue and Stage Crew Support

Venue and Stage Support Crew work to support the Stage Team in setting up and dismantling equipment for live events.

Event Promotion Support Staff

Event Promotion Support Staff support the activities of the Publicity Team by drafting press releases and aiding in the production and distribution of publicity materials.

Sales and Marketing Assistant

Sales and Marketing Assistants assist in the development and execution of sales strategies and marketing campaigns for cultural venues and touring productions.

Booking Agent’s Assistant

A Booking Agent’s Assistant supports the booking agent in arranging artists for live events. They are also responsible for providing administration support for a range of indoor and outdoor events.

Music/Events Promotions Assistant

A Music/Events Promotions Assistant assists in securing funding for live events. They also support the licensing and permissions processes for artistes.

Events/Entertainment Officer

A Events/Entertainment Officer assists in securing funding for live events. They also support the licensing and permissions processes for artistes.

Production Assistant

A Production Assistant will assist the Production Manager with coordinating budgets and managing the production of events and live performances.

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