Debbie Jeacock

Head of Business Information

Debbie came to work at The Backstage Centre, having heard about The National College from a colleague at Lambeth College. Her career in further education began with a fortnight-long temporary placement at a college before which she had juggled supermarket and pub work. Debbie spent the next 15 years at Greenwich Community College, tackling a variety of roles, from data entry, reception and enrolment to managing the team dealing with employer engagement and sub-contractors. 

Previous Employment:

  • Supermarket assistant
  • Data entry
  • Receptionist
  • FE enrolment
  • Employer engagement 

What advice would you give to students?

“My advice for someone starting out in the creative industries would be to always do your best. Those people that work hard, make an effort and go the extra mile will be the ones who are offered repeat work”.