Help for redundant apprentices

The Government has announced a new support package for apprentices who have been made redundant as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, and for employers who can offer a new role to a redundant apprentice.

For Employers

The coronavirus pandemic has caused some organisations to make redundancies, leaving experienced, work-ready apprentices without an employer. That’s why the Government has launched the Redundancy Support Service for Apprentices, giving them advice and help finding new opportunities. 

If your business is interested in hiring apprentices who have been made redundant because of the pandemic, take a look at the guidance on the apprenticeships website and lodge your vacancy with them.

For Apprentices

Dependent on your particular circumstances, your training will continue to be funded for a period of time enabling us to support you to continue training whilst looking for an alternative employer.

In addition, the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) have advised that where an apprentice has been made redundant, but is continuing their apprenticeship study, they can claim Universal Credit (UC) as long as they satisfy all eligibility criteria. In most cases this will include being 18 or over and undertaking work related activity i.e. being available and looking for work, and doing this alongside their study.

Where study is work related this may be accepted as work preparation activity and other expectations reduced accordingly. 

The guidance around claiming Universal Credit can be found in detail at

For free advice and guidance for apprentices on the impact of redundancy, and details of new vacancies call 08000 150 400 or visit the Government's apprenticeships website.

You may have other questions in relation to your apprenticeship and employment as a result of Covid-19. There is a useful FAQ document which answers some of the most commonly asked questions. Should you have further queries having checked the FAQ, please get in touch.