Funding Information

Funding Information

Fee policy 2019/20 further education fees

From 1 February 2020, NCCI relaunched as a new joint partnership, National College Creative Industries Ltd, with Access Creative College and South Essex College. Fees and Funding enquiries about apprenticeship training should be directed to, and for college-based courses should be directed to

Non apprenticeship students aged 16 -18:

Students under the age of 19 on 31 August of the year they commence their programme of study are entitled to free education by statute. The funding rules are clear that The National College Creative Industries is not able to charge additional tuition or administrative fees to these students, or fees for any material or activity which is essential to the achievement of their qualification.

Fees may be charged for additional qualifications, and resits. Additional charges may apply for enrichment activities that are not a compulsory element of the course. Students may be eligible for support from The National College Creative Industries towards any costs and should seek advice from

All apprentices and classroom-based students 19+:

The Skills Funding Agency funding rules for 2019/20 are available here.

The rules form part of the terms and conditions of the funding agreements and the Advanced Learning Loans Facility Conditions between the Chief Executive of Skills Funding and all providers of education and training who receive funding from the Chief Executive of Skills or Advanced Learning Loans.

To be eligible to be funded by the ESFA, on the first day of learning a student must be aged 19 or older on 31 August within the funding year in question (if the learning aim is not an Apprenticeship), or aged 15 or older and have left compulsory education (if the student is an apprentice or following an Access to Apprenticeship pathway). The apprentice or student cannot begin studying until after the last Friday in June in the academic year in which they have their 16th birthday.

Calculations for funding and fee setting for 19+ students on ESFA Funded qualifications:

The funding rules state that The National College Creative Industries must make all students, including students funded through a loan, aware of our policy on fees and charging and that evidence is required to prove this has happened. In determining fee setting for 19+ students the National College Creative Industries will review how much funding a qualification may be eligible to generate from the ESFA.

Adult further education fees pricing strategy:

The decision on the pricing of 19+ provision is determined by the College in line with this policy. Once they have reviewed how much funding may be eligible, a decision is made on the fees that should be charged for a qualification. For ESFA funded qualifications there can be three fees:

  1. A full cost fee which would apply to any applicant who is ineligible for ESFA funding. This fee will be the equivalent of the funding that would have been drawn down by the National College Creative Industries from the ESFA had the applicant been eligible for full-funding.
  2. A co-funded fee which would apply to any applicant who is ineligible for full funding but eligible for co-funding from the ESFA.
  3. An advanced Learner Loan fee which may be different from the full cost fee in some instances as (a) the Advanced Learner Loan is intended to cover all components and materials necessary to pass the qualification taken, and (b) depending upon the qualification there is a maximum amount The National College Creative Industries can charge which in some instances may be lower than the above full cost fee.

In both cases the actual published fee will appear on the National College Creative Industries’ website and will be the rounded-up value of the actual figure for both the full funding rate and co-funded rate.

Non-funded qualifications and short bespoke courses:

There are qualifications that are not funded via the ESFA or the EFA. Such qualifications are known as full cost or ‘bespoke’ and the fees that are charged to students for these courses are based upon a range of criteria. The National College Creative Industries will also review what fees exist for the same or similar provision in the marketplace. The College will then
set a fee which is fair and reasonable for the course.


Apprenticeship funding rules are determined by the ESFA and are available here

The National College Creative Industries will adhere to the guidance and funding rules when setting fees for individuals and employers.


Where a student is being sponsored by their employer for their course fees and the employer wishes to be invoiced, written acceptance of responsibility (i.e. a letter from the employer or purchase order) must be produced at the time of enrolment. Please note where an employer has opted to pay a student’s course fee and problems arise later, the student becomes liable for their fees.

The fee policies, as determined by both the Education Funding Agency (EFA) and the Skills Funding Agency (ESFA) are as follows:

  • ESFA Policy on Tuition Fees for Adults, excluding adults in receipt of advanced learner loans.
  • Adult students who qualify for co-funding, students for whom the funding rules determine that The National College Creative Industries will receive the co-funded rate, will be charged a fee equivalent to 50% of the base funding rate, known as the standard fee.
  • ESFA funding rates incorporate an assumption of a learner fee contribution equivalent to 50% of the base funding rate.

The following categories of ESFA funded students are entitled to fee remission:

  • those on “active” benefits will be automatically eligible for fee remission i.e. Job Seeker Allowance claimants
  • those on other means tested “inactive” benefits are eligible for fee remission if they are unemployed and sign a declaration that they require a course to help find employment

Adult students who qualify for an Advanced Learning Loan:

For students who need to take out an Advanced Learning Loan, The National College Creative Industries will charge a fee equivalent to 100% of the base funding rate. If a fee for a particular course has already been established at a lower rate, then the fee charged to the loan funded learner will also be at that lower rate.

The Advanced Learning Loan rules set a maximum loan amount as follows;

  • 100% of the base funding rate for the course or
  • The National College Creative Industries’ course fee

NOTE: This cannot exceed the maximum loan value as specified in Learner Aims Reference Service (LARS)

International students:

International students are required to pay the full fee based on the ESFA fully funded value including weighting factors.

Full cost students:

The National College Creative Industries offer a number of courses that are classed as full cost. These are designed for adult students, or commercial clients, who all pay full fees. The fees are based on the ESFA funding rates but will invariably be driven by market conditions.