NCCI supports the first Creative Venue Technician apprentices in the country to qualify

Six apprentices, supported by the National College Creative Industries, are the first cohort in England to pass their end-point assessment on the new Creative Venue Technician apprenticeship standard, and take the next step in their career as fully-qualified creative venue technicians

The White Light Ltd (WL) apprentices are celebrating after they successfully passed the new ‘Creative Venue Technician’ (CVT) standard, delivered by National College Creative Industries (NCCI) and end-point assessed by Occupational Awards Limited (OAL).

WL Health & Safety and Workforce Development Director, Chris Nicholls, said: “We are extremely proud that six of our apprentices have recently completed the new Level 3 Creative Venue Technician apprenticeship.  WL was the first company in the UK to offer this standard and we were also an integral part of the trailblazer group responsible for the creation of this apprenticeship. Working closely with the National College of Creative Industries, our primary aim has always been to offer those wishing to embark on a career within the creative sector an alternate route to employment. The CVT apprenticeship provides the skills and hands-on experience required to succeed in this industry – something I’m pleased to say they now all have in abundance”.

Deputy Principal at the National College Creative Industries, Elaine Kelt said: “We are really pleased that the WL apprentices are the first in the country to achieve this new apprenticeship standard, and it is a testament to the hard work of NCCI Industry Practitioners, WL colleagues and, above all, the apprentices themselves.”

Lee Reddington, Head of Customer Support at OAL, said: “When Occupational Awards Limited were first approached by Creative and Cultural Skills (CCSkills) in 2017, we were honoured and delighted to become the End Point Assessment Organisation (EPOA) for the Creative Venue Technician apprenticeship standard. In the following months we worked closely with CCSkills to develop assessment materials and identify Independent Assessors, who were well known and respected in the industry, to carry out the assessments.

“OAL have since developed relationships with the various providers delivering the standard and we were very impressed by the speed in which the National College Creative Industries developed and delivered their programme to get the first ever apprentices to End Point Assessment for the CVT Apprenticeship. It was clear to us that both the college and the employer, WL, had committed whole-heartedly to the success of the programme, and that the apprentices had put in a great deal of work to achieve their apprenticeship. We feel great pride in the fact that OAL were the EPAO for the first ever CVT Apprenticeships and feel privileged to work in partnership with such great organisations as WL, NCCI and CCSkills to achieve this momentous result.”

Whitelight Apprentices 2