Recording Studio

Equipped with industry standard equipment, our recording studio is the perfect place for our students to develop skills in sound recording and design.

It boasts excellent acoustics and can be used to record anything from full orchestras to large bands and solo artists. And due to the way the room is configured, sound can be recorded from both the sound stage and the band rehearsal room - which is separated form the recording studio via an acoustic separation window.    

Equipped with an Audient ASP8024, Pro Tools, microphone suite and state-of-the-art outboard equipment, the recording studio can be used to record performance groups of all sizes, from solo artists to full orchestras. 

Image Gallery

Check out our Recording Studio image gallery
Check out our Recording Studio image gallery

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Sound Stage

The centerpiece of The Backstage Centre is a fully soundproofed sound stage space, designed for arena-scale rehearsal and production work.

Band Rehearsal

Designed by experts to offer the best acoustics for sound recording, our band rehearsal room is large enough to accommodate a full orchestra.