Creativity and culture at the heart of Cornwall Council's apprenticeship role for Caitlin

Since Caitlin McLintock started her apprenticeship in September 2020 in the Culture and Creative Partnerships team at Cornwall Council, she has grown both professionally and personally. Caitlin was originally attracted to the position because of her deep-rooted interest in supporting the cultural and creative industries and she recognised that this apprenticeship would equip her with the best tools, experiences and knowledge to pursue her chosen career.

Caitlin said: “Whilst growing up in Cornwall, I dreamt of working to help benefit creatives in rural communities. My apprenticeship with Cornwall Council has not only given me valuable insight into how the cultural and creative sector operates, but also why it is so important that this industry is appreciated by society and what we can do to encourage this. This has never been more important than right now; creativity and culture should be acknowledged, embraced and utilised as a medium for bringing people together.

“What I enjoy most about my apprenticeship is supporting the incredible work being done in my community and playing a part in helping projects become a reality. This includes projects and organisations that use creativity to help communities and individuals through social prescribing, encouraging diversity and creating opportunities. Although the pandemic creates new challenges for the industry, I have been playing a role in supporting projects that have adapted to the regulations and come to life, allowing the practitioners in this industry to not only evolve but to thrive as well. 

“I'm still at the beginning of my apprenticeship journey, but the changes in my professionalism, skills and my personal perception of what I am capable of have dramatically grown. I am far more confident, experienced, efficient, and adaptable to the needs of my team and of the creative and cultural sector. I plan to continue this trajectory of growth throughout the rest of my time working with Cornwall Council. 

“I've been lucky to have an incredible team at Cornwall Council to encourage me during my apprenticeship. It has also been great to have the team at NCCI to teach and support me through my course. I look forward to what my career will bring me in the future.”

Lea Guzzo, Caitlin's manager and Senior Culture and Creative Industries Officer at the Council said: "Caitlin has made a huge difference in our small team. She has been bringing her positive energy and her perspective to her role, whilst providing invaluable support to our team to achieve our objectives. I am thrilled to have an apprentice like Caitlin in our team."

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