Level 4 Professional Diploma in Technical and Production Practice for the Creative Industries

Technical Production

The UAL Level 4 Professional Diploma in Technical and Production Practice for the Creative Industries has been designed to provide learners with the skills, knowledge and understanding necessary to work within the production arts industry. It is available as a fast-track, intensive part-time or one-year full-time course, giving access into employment, and will open up the possibility of further progression into Higher Education.

Awarding Body: University of the Arts London

Route Detail

The qualification is suitable for learners who have an interest in production arts or a related subject who wish to explore and extend this interest via a full-time or part-time, immersive learning experience. It can be used as a starting point for learners who have identified a specific career in the performing arts industry that they wish to progress to such as:

• Deputy Chief Electrician
• Assistant Technical Manager
• Senior Venue Technician
• Senior Theatre Technician
• Senior Stage Technician
• Senior Lighting Technician
• Senior Sound Technician
• Senior Video Technician
• Senior Automation Technician

The qualification is also appropriate for learners wishing to continue their education through applied learning, within a professional context in which they can work alongside industry experts to gain first-hand experience of the operational processes of events in a range of creative, cultural and community venues.

Learners completing the UAL Level 4 Professional Diploma in Technical and Production Practice for the Creative Industries will progress to:

1. Employment – learners completing this may also progress directly into employment in the production arts industry, specifically into roles such as Technical Manager, Deputy Stage Manager, Deputy Chief Electrician, Assistant Technical Manager, Senior Venue Technician, A/V Installation Engineer, Senior Theatre Technician, Senior Stage Technician, AQ/V Project Manager, Senior Lighting Technician, Head of Sound, Senior Sound Technician, Senior Video Technician, Senior Automation Technician
2. Higher education - the qualification will support learners to develop a portfolio of work enabling them to progress to higher education courses.

This qualification is recognised as preparing learners for progression into employment, the following employers endorse this qualification:
• Ambassador Theatre Group
• National Theatre
• TAIT Stage
• White Light

Unit Information

• Unit 1 - Establishing Principles of Technical and Production Practice: equips the student for the workplace by exposing them to the operational and management structures inherent within the creative industries. Students will gain an appreciation of the communication protocols, etiquettes and interdependencies of departments in order to attain a firm understanding of the operational processes that lead towards a performance event. Students will consider a range of technical and production roles and determine their associated individual responsibilities whilst acknowledging how they function within a wider professional working environment.
• Unit 2 - Applied Professional Practice: further develops and refines students’ professional skill levels by placing them directly within a professional environment and exposing them to the realities of the workplace. Students’ will have the opportunity of applying the technical and production skills acquired from their previous unit and testing them out in a professional context. This unit will also see students cultivate their networking skills and start building a database of contacts as they engage with employers.
• Unit 3 - Professional Development Project: provides students with an opportunity to take control of their own professional development by independently initiating, researching, establishing and completing a production project. Students will explore a self-defined area of practice from which they will initially create a proposal to outline their motivations and methodologies. The precise content of the proposal will be dependent upon the specialist skills developed by each student. Students will then go on to realise a substantial project and undertake responsibility for a key production role(s).

Learners must successfully complete all three units in order to achieve the qualification. The qualification offers broad but in-depth knowledge and skills in preparation for work in the production arts sector. The qualification has been designed to balance practical and creative skills with theoretical studies. Work placement opportunities and industry-led projects are key elements of this qualification, and will support learners to gain a comprehensive understanding of employment opportunities in the sector.

Entry Requirements

There are no age restrictions for this qualification. The majority of learners are expected to be 18+ when they start this qualification, with most having completed A-Levels, Level 3 Extended Diplomas or a relevant apprenticeship (such as the Level 3 Creative Venue Technician)

Potential Future Careers


The course is runs over one year, full-time starting in September. To apply complete the online, or contact the National College Creative Industries Admissions team on 020 675 6750.