One industry – a world of opportunity

There have never been more opportunities for people looking to build a career in the UK creative industry. There are a huge number of roles available across technical and production, audience and participation, costume and set design, stage management, front of house and operation.

The future is bright, and the creative industries have the potential to drive significant growth over the next decade. Since 2011 the rate of employment in the creative industries has grown by 30% - three times the national average - to over 2 million jobs. In addition, over 1 million people are employed in creative roles outside the creative industries. This growth in employment shows no sign of slowing down. Demand for creative jobs is estimated to increase by 30%–40% by 2030.

The foundations of a successful career

Building a successful career in the industry depends heavily on developing the right practical skills, technical knowledge and hands on sector experience.

Creative Industry employers are actively looking to recruit job-ready candidates that can bring value to their organisations straight away - something that The National College is committed to delivering.

The National College Creative Industries is here to provide students and apprentices with effective, practical pathways and apprenticeships into a wide range of creative roles across the industry and beyond.

Founded by leading institutions and working with employers across the sector, The National College offers relevant, industry-focused training and experience helping people to develop the right skills, knowledge and confidence needed to thrive.

Administration Officer

Reporting to the Director of Finance, the Administration Officer is responsible for assisting with the preparation of financial statements, maintaining cash flows and supervising personnel administration.

Assistant Flyman

Working with the Head Flyman, the Assistant Flyman is responsible for preparing and operating the flying and lifting equipment for live performances.

Assistant Lighting Electrician

Under the supervision of the Lighting Maintenance Technician, an Assistant Lighting Electrician is responsible for installing and maintaining lighting equipment for live performances.

Assistant Sound Technician

Working under the supervision of the Sound Designer, an Assistant Sound Technician assists in carrying out maintenance on sound equipment and helps with any pre-show checks.

Assistant Stage Manager

The Assistant Stage Manager assists the Stage Manager with meetings, running rehearsals, clerical organisation and making sure that productions and performances run smoothly. 

Automation Technician

Operating under the direction of the Technical Management Team, an Automation Technician will provide specialist support for the constriction, rehearsal, presentation and removal of mechanised equipment for a live performance.

Backstage Crew

The creative industry depends heavily on the Backstage Crew to support the designers and performers with the running of the show.

Board/Console Operator

Working with the Lighting and Sound Designers, a Console Operator is responsible for programming and operating the audio and lighting consoles during a live performance.

Booking Agent’s Assistant

A Booking Agent’s Assistant supports the booking agent in arranging artists for live events. They are also responsible for providing administration support for a range of indoor and outdoor events.

Community Arts Administration Assistant

A Community Arts Administration Assistant works to assist the Community Arts Administrator with a range of tasks in order to organise and publicise a range of community arts events and exhibitions.

Community Arts Administrator

A Community Arts Administrator is responsible for ensuring that their local community benefits from a range of arts programmes and events.

Our Founding Employers

The industry has long recognised the need to develop new and enthusiastic professionals to support the production of the performing arts.