The Grid

Our new and exciting, state-of-the-art grid system replicates three different types of grids found in some of the world's largest performance spaces and exhibition halls.

We have invested in the latest rigging technology at the National College Creative Industries to provide our students with unequalled training opportunities in the latest industry practices.

The grid, above our Sound Stage, incorporates three different types of above-the-stage space. Whilst all three models would never be incorporated into a single performance space, it gives our students the opportunity to train for any theatre or music venue in the world. It has also been designed with accessibility in mind so that, despite being situated above the Sound Stage, it can be easily accessed by wheelchair users.

Traditional Theatre Grid:

This replicates a traditional west end theatre grid with manual and power flying options, including traditional counterweight flying systems.

Music or Arena Grid:

The typical type of arrangement that is used in music venues and large arenas.

Tension Wire Grid:

Tension wire technology is used in many modern venues and removes the need for ladders and motorised platforms. This system is found in large venues, including the Roundhouse, as well as small performance spaces.

Image Gallery

Check out our grid image gallery
Check out our grid image gallery
Check out our grid image gallery

Virtual Tour

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