Live Event Technician - Advanced

Technical Production

Live events range from concerts, festivals and theatrical performances through to exhibitions, conferences, product launches and showcases. Live Event Technicians prepare and set-up technical equipment for such events. Ultimately specialising in sound, lighting or video, Live Event Technicians will carry out routine and one-off technical preparation and set-up of equipment for events.

Route Detail

You will have knowledge of the equipment used and the skills needed to store, pick, maintain, transport and build components into a functioning system as well as operate these systems. A Live Event Technician will be part of the team that turns a venue into a functioning event environment before returning the site to its original state, often within a short time frame.

Entry Requirements

While there are no formal entry requirements for this qualification, you should have a keen interest in working in live events. Applicants must be able to work effectively in a team and be prepared for both shift work and travel. Prior experience is not necessary, but it is useful and should be supported by a portfolio of evidence.

Potential Future Careers

Live Events Technician

A Live Events Technician will set up, operate and dismantle technical equipment for a range of live events including concerts, festivals, theatrical performances, exhibitions and new product launches. Live Events Technicians will specialise in sound, lighting or video.

Sound Technician

A Sound Technician works with the Sound Designer and the Director to plan and facilitate the audio requirements for a live performance or event, and if necessary they will source any special audio equipment for a show.

Automation Technician

Operating under the direction of the Technical Management Team, an Automation Technician will provide specialist support for the constriction, rehearsal, presentation and removal of mechanised equipment for a live performance.

Live Events Rigger

A Live Events Rigger ensures that the scenic, lighting, sound and audio-visual elements of a live event are installed safely. 

Backstage Crew

The creative industry depends heavily on the Backstage Crew to support the designers and performers with the running of the show.

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